I just arrived from Jatinangor. For my Mawapres’s presentation. So happy to meet them. Another “Mahasiswa Berprestasi” Fikom.

Fikom Satuu!!! Fikom Fikom Fikom!!

We’re the “Asosiasi Genk Mawapres Fikom 2010”. lol 😀

A tiring day for me, for us actually. Waiting for the final result. But, seems like there is no competition between us. It was fun.

I am in Jatinangor from 8am until 6pm.
It’s raining. In DAMRI, we (me, hanie and dhika)  figth seats with people. lol.
Then, I use angkot to my boarding house.

And .. You know what?
I met someone like Tom Felton.
Oh my Goood. I was shocked.

This seems due to the effects of rain and a dizzy head. Maybe I’m wrong look at people. But it was really fun.
I can not describe with words.

I love this moment.

Thomas Andrew Felton

Tom Felton’s Indonesian version. lol.

Black hair, not blonde. Pale and cool. Whahahahahaa 😀

Feel dizzy but happy.

Thanks God for everything you gave to me. For this selection, this moment, etc.

♥ ♥


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